David Monagas

Tierney Monagas

The People behind Monagas Photography

David is our lead photographer.  He started his exploration in photography in 2009, when he took an administrative role at the Former Chicago Photography Center.  There he had the opportunity to learn from world recognized artists, and developed his craft.  

Opening Monagas Photography in 2019, he was able to take his background in the theatre arts and help clients tell the story that they wanted their images to say.  

His passion in collaboration and exploration of what can be layered on an image has gained him recognition by having his fine art work shown in internationally recognized galleries.   

 "If a picture is worth a thousand words, let's find the best thousand to tell!" - David Monagas

Tierney is the brains behind the scene.  With a background in Marketing and Media Production, she is the person to help you find the best images from your shoot and narrow them down.

Serving as our second photographer, she helps capture those moments behind the scenes, further documenting your experiance giving you yet another layer of moments to remember.  

With her, your Images will be the ones that best meet what you are looking for from your shoot.  This way, you won't have to decide between images that are too similar to tell the difference.  

She also keeps David on track.  

As a Photography Team, we look forward to collaborating with you, and finding the best way capture your most important moments.  

When you set up your consultation, we will go step by step in the process and share examples of work and technique in real time.  

Share with us what inspires you!

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